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Packaging that reflects you

Packaging can make or break your brand. Give your brand a chance to stand out of the crowd of other boxes, bottles, tubes, and bags.  We design your packaging to be eye-catching with customized packaging options including raised foil and varnish.  The Yak Group will create a design that will have people asking to see your product first!

The Yak Group has partnered with GoldLeaf Packaging to provide the highest quality packaging options: pre-roll boxes, hanging vape pen boxes, tincture boxes, tincture and jar labels, as well as  blister packs, flower boxes, CR pre roll boxes, and tamper proof labels. Marketing material and promotional items are curated using The Yak Group's highest design standards. We are serving customers throughout Trinity, Humboldt, Mendocino and Sonoma counties.

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Child resistant bags

According to the CDPH,  beginning January 1st, 2020, each product must be in child-resistant packaging (CRP).  Child-resistant packaging is defined as packaging that a child 5 years or younger will have difficulty opening. There are 3 ways to qualify as CRP including packaging certified federally via the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA, 16 CFR §1700.1), a pry-off metal crown bottle cap, or 4 mils thick heat-sealed without any easy open option.  The type of product determines whether it needs to be packaged in Initial CRP (Single Use) or Lifetime CRP (Multiple Use).  Initial CRP must be used for flower and flower-only pre-rolls, inhaled concentrates, topicals, single-serving cannabis products.  It must be labeled “This package is not child-resistant after opening”.  Multiple CRP is required for edibles, orally-consumed concentrates, and suppositories.  The outer packaging is not required to be child-resistant if the individual servings are in child-resistant packaging. 

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Elevate your brand


Whether it’s product labels or compliance labels we have you covered. We’ll take you from design through delivery of the finished decal. More than jar labels and doob tube labels promotional labels and uv bumper stickers and roll labels for your label needs.

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Pre roll boxes

Our partners at GoldLeaf offer both custom and standard pre roll boxes. The corrugated inserts have options for a 4, 5, or 6 pack of pre rolls. The standard option pack has a standard fold top and bottom (2.77w x 3.63h x 0.75d).

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Vape pen box

Our vape pen boxes are beautiful, useful and prevent damage to the cartridges. Save money by not paying for die or setup fees that are part of cutting and embellishing the boxes by using one of GoldLeaf’s standardized templates. If you prefer to customize, that is an option.

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Sustainable jars

Jars are the choice for brands with a focus on sustainability. The lids are 100% reclaimed ocean-plastic, the jars are produced with 2-3 times more recycled glass, and the whole package can be recycled, all without single-use plastics.

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Concentrate box

Boxes increase visibility, make it easier for stores to stock concentrates, and prevent theft. The size for our standard folded top and bottom with flaps box is 2.1 in wide by 1.45 high by 2.1 deep.  You can also opt for auto-lock bottom boxes.

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Tincture boxes

Tincture boxes protect your bottles and increase the visibility of your brand. Packaging offers an added layer of protection to your tinctures.  We have boxes that are the standard size for both 30mL and 60mL. We can also customize any size box you need.

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