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To put it simply - we love cannabis cultivators, and we have the experience to bring your products to market.

Cannabis industry experts

The marijuana industry has its own dialect, its own set of rules, and its own unique opportunities. The Yak Group speaks the language of the cultivator, the manufacturer, the processor, the distributor, the retailer, and the consumer. How? Because we’ve been steeped in NorCal Cannabis Culture for years. 

We’ve done business with the full spectrum - from 5,000 square foot craft cultivators to acre-plus production hubs. 


Our wheelhouse

Branding development

The Cannabis industry is getting crowded. How can your business stand out from the pack? We’ll analyse your product offering and help you come up with a brand strategy that will catch the attention of customers.

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Website design & development

A website gives you a way to take your farm and products online and reach customers beyond your brick and mortar operations. We develop fast, custom websites that beautifully show off your unique products.

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Product design & packaging

Professional product design and packaging is critical for helping your products stand out to consumers and retailers. Our team has experience designing cannabis products with these two key stakeholders in mind.

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Mobile site and App development

A key way to reach the cannabis industry’s modern and tech-savvy consumer base and workforce is via their phones. The Yak Group can build custom apps for marketing your business and improving your business operations.

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We influence and monitor the perceptions about your company and your brand digitally. This includes engaging with your general audience online publicly in an effort to establish yourself as an approachable entity.

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Product photos & videos

From strain shots and stunning drone footage of your crops to a docuseries about your farm - We’ll capture your brand’s essence and provide you with a set of stunning visual assets that you can use across multiple platforms.

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Marketing materials

Gone are the “Reefer Madness” years, but the stigma that era left on multiple generations remains.  As a product that is emerging from the illegal market into the legal market, we find ourselves having to not only have to market the product itself but also the idea that it is one that is safe and legal to use and no longer needs to be hidden from the general public as it was only a few years ago.  Making your product the one that customers remember will be our focus while gently helping to change public perceptions of cannabis.  

Custom Graphic Design/Illustration

Our creative staff will work with you to make your product pop out in the display cases of dispensaries in your state, and hopefully, nationwide soon.

Website support & maintenance

Once it’s up, your website will require support and maintenance.  We’ll back up files, update your website software, and fix HTML errors and broken links.  Additionally,  we will continue to develop new content, optimize the search engine and review your website analytics.

Product photography

The photos customers see online of your products could be their first introduction to you as a company.  A well-staged photo can be the difference between mild interest and wild success.

Marketing collateral

We also create engaging sales support tools such as brochures, email marketing, sidebar ads, and landing pages.

Copywriting & PR services

Our writers can help you find the right words for what you want to say on your website and marketing materials, to help you expresses who you are as a company.  

Email campaign design & setup

The average attention span of an adult is eight seconds, which means their attention needs to be engaged quickly.  We will create emails that will draw customers in quickly and engage with the call to action.

Enterprise-level eCommerce

We are well versed in setting up either your Shopify or Woo-Commerce site to be able to sell products online.  Whether you have only a few products or a huge inventory of many products we can build your shop so that you can start filling orders quickly.

Marketing strategy

Not all strategies are for every business. We’ll listen to you express your needs and work with you to find and implement the best options for you and your business.

G-Suite support

We have a comprehensive understanding of the many utilities in G-Suite.  We’ve worked in the system for many years enabling us to aid you in organizing the data you need in an easy to understand flow.

Internal database architecture

Setting up storage and organization of digital data can be intimidating.  Let us relieve you of that stress.  You will be provided with a digital map to ensure that you can find the data you need when you need it.

POS inventory integration

There is no need to manually track your inventory when the point of sale product does that for you. We can set it up so that you don’t oversell an item and you’ll always know what you have in stock.

Child-resistant packaging

Child-resistant packaging is, understandably, legally required. We know the law and have relationships with suppliers so that we can streamline the purchase of these supplies.

Print promotions & direct mail

Brochures give your customers more information about your company or your products in easily digestible bites. We have the mailing lists your company needs to achieve wild success.

SEO/Analytics & reporting

Once your website is up it is necessary to track and analyze the efficacy of the online marketing campaign. We’ll report our findings to you on a regular agreed-upon schedule. Then we’ll use proven techniques to get your site into a higher placement on the search engine ranking to ensure that you’ll have more people visiting your site instead of your competitors.

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Social media marketing

When is the last time you were on one of the social media giants?  Do you or someone you know use Tik Tok, Instagram, or Facebook?  Marketing through social media is the new norm.  We have staff members that specialize in each of the major social media platforms. 

Event production services

Want to hold an event?  We’ll work with you to appeal to the desired audience and an excellent experience.  Both technical and creative elements will play roles in creating the mood and emotion of an event for the audience in a wildly successful event. 

Product packaging/Labels

The laws guiding the use of child-resistant packaging aren’t the only ones that will need to be considered.  While we work with you to design packaging and labels we will keep in mind all legal requirements.  

Retail displays

Retail displays draw customers’ attention to your product.  We design eye-catching, engaging displays for retail, event, and convention experiences.

Merchandise development

Have an idea but you’re not sure how to implement it then get it into the market? The Yak Group has experience with both, call today to book a consultation.

Advertising campaigns

When you think of some of the most famous ad campaigns in history like Nike’s “Just Do It”, you are thinking of advertising campaigns that had one single common theme throughout many different ads. This repetition helps the public remember your brand. Our creative team can stitch together cohesive, coordinated themes for your advertising to increase recognition in your customers.

Print and online ads

Your print and online advertising will be coordinated to include the same theme to increase the recognition of your brand.

Sponsorship strategy

Get product recognition through sponsorship. Remember seeing the “sponsored by” banners at your favorite sports or music festival? You can see your product proudly displayed at the next event!

Software automations

We help you connect all of your pieces of software to automate your business processes and save your team's time and money.


Case Study: Uplift Co-op

Uplift Coop, a Cannabis nonprofit located in Humboldt County's Matole Valley, needed a website that could convey its core ethos and grow as its membership grew. Our approach was a simple one-page website built with Webflow, which fit their budget and had the ability to scale up as they grew. Uplift needed to pull in its Instagram feed, an age-gate, and a contact form, and we ensured their site was fully ADA And WCAG-compliant.

"Working with the Yak Group was great! It turned a task into a pleasure.  Smooth sailing! Thanks Yak!" - Drew Barber, Uplift

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