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Welcome back to HotBoxing in Humboldt,  We are keeping the Box Hot with another Episode this time
We sat down to hotbox Whitethorn Rose  (fruity Indica 29.34 % THC)  with
Rose and John Casali, grown at their beautifully curated Huckleberry Hill Farms.

Our Second  show for the 2021 harvest ...
Episode 6 is a conversation  about Integrity, Compassion and Stewardship of the Land and Community. The Whitethorn Rose is a Legacy strain being first grown by Johnnys Mom back in the day, and kept alive thru tough times , only to come out as part of the Willie's Reserve Brand. The nicest people and friends who also open their farm up to tourism.
Farmers - John   @huckleberryhillfarms       Rose  @r_o_w_z

The first Fish Friendly Farm certification, multiple Awards, Articles in magazines all because this Pot is the real deal..Tasty, Stoney, and only grown in one place....

  1:00 ish
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Ishi Dube Unification “featuring Luna Ange

The message is that it is mutually beneficial for us to cooperate and work together… let’s try to focus on what we have in common rather than that which divides us.
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