Savage Farms Humboldt County Chat with Jerry and Genetics

This is Episode 009 of Hotboxing in Humboldt and we smoked with the one and only Jerry Savage of Savage Farms in Humboldt County. A farmer, breeder, smoker and family man, the Hotbox was filled with smells and stories of growing the finest and still being not given the fair share. He brought So Many Strains that We ask the listener to count em or write em down and comment on our Social.

Jerry Has Collaborated with Doc Ray Genetics, HNDRX Farms and others.

We got Baked and our mouths tasted like the Humboldt County we all know and Love

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Todays Music is

from the group

To Life !

formerly of Southern Humboldt

recorded on the Local and Live Radio show on

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Recorded, Edited and Engineered by Rob Seifert Gage @audio_evidence_mobile

Produced by Sean Knight and Rob Seifert Gage

Recorded with Shure Sm-58 microphones, Rode Rodecaster Pro, and Audio Technica Headphones in The New Hotbox Studio in @humboldtcounty

Intro Music Composed by Brian Swislow  @bwizlo


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