Briceland Forest Farms- Morning Cuddles

This is Episode 008 of Hotboxing in Humboldt and its with great joy and fascination that we welcome  Morning Cuddles with it's Parents, Taylor and Daniel of Briceland Forest Farms.
Working their farm for nourishment of the community and for the Medicine, has propelled the Farm into Movies, Magazines and now into our Lungs ! Farm Cut is what the branding is, and as you would expect, you get the sugar leaves and the whole untrimmed Bud.
Today's show will not have a Bug the Budtender but it is filled with information about Homesteading, Strains, Goats and Family
We got Baked and our mouths tasted like the Humboldt County we all know and Love

 Todays Music is
Sheila & Jessie    "Oh Sweet Spirit"  a song that is from the past, which delivers our fauna and flora into song.
Show Sponsored by Gold Leaf Packaging ,  The Yak Group , MERCHtender, 454bags
Recorded, Edited and Engineered by Rob Seifert Gage @audio_evidence_mobile
Produced by Sean Knight and Rob Seifert Gage
Recorded with Shure Sm-58 microphones,  Rode Rodecaster Pro, and Audio Technica Headphones in The New Hotbox Studio in @humboldtcounty
Intro Music Composed by Brian Swislow    @bwizlo
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