Black Apple Kush and Orange Cream x Razzleberry - Doc Ray Genetics and Hendrx Farms

This show is a two Cultivar conversation with Doc Ray from Doc Ray Genetics and Joints for GI's. A Veteran of War and a believer in Peace and the Healing Power of Cannabis. Alongside Doc is Daniel from the Nursery HendRx Farms. Together we explore the Highs of lows of the Black Apple Kush and Orange Cream x Razzleberry.

We truly got Hotboxed this was a hazy day right out of the gate.  The two-strain podcast was amazing it might be a long time before we try that again. Tune in and enjoy the antics and learn about Doc and Daniels's process to their craft.

Recorded with Shure Sm-58 microphones,  Rode Rodecaster Pro, and Audio Technica Headphones in The Suite Tooth Studios
Intro Music Composed by Brian Swislow    @bwizlo
Featured Song " Outlaws Grave " by NPK
Show Sponsored by Gold Leaf Packaging and The Yak Group
Engineered by Rob Seifert Gage @audio_evidence_mobile

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